our philosophy

CosignedByGod Public Relations Group is a Premium Christian Owned PR Group specializing in media strategies, product management, professional publication pitching, and public relations marketing. We are dedicated to working with established fashion brands, influencers, and companies that are seeking to scale their publicity. We execute the kingdom way for our clients. We do all of the hard work for you and we make story-telling easy for our clients. We are bridging the gap between branding and PR. Branding is very vital when it comes to landing stories in the media and publications.

Our clients have been featured in top publications like Forbes, 21Ninety, Popsugar, Blavity News, Glamour SA, GQ SA, Voyage Houston Magazine, Guap Magazine, Shout-out HTX, and many more. We have hundreds of connections with top media companies that we utilize for our clients. Are you interested in learning more about our process? Please send us an email for more information.

Step one: We will schedule a consultation with you to see if you're a great fit for us to represent.

Step two: We will conduct a brand screening with you to see if your branding is structured.

Step three: We will discuss your questions and anything else you need to know before we bring you on board.

Next Steps: For more information please email us at pr@cosignedbygod.com

We look forward to your email. Please allow 24-48 business days for us to respond to your inquiries.